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Jeremy Glenn – New life 12″

V 30, PM

Get your vintage Carreras, ready your yacht and buy this fabulous record.

A Future Classic release, so you know is solid, full of sun-drenched euphoria.

Footage below the decks!

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SUPERBREAK – Disco Edits ‘Boogie Edition’ Mix

V 16, PM

Refresh your dancing, boogie summer breaks in super mode !

Gazeebo – Treat yourself to my dub

V 46, PM

Fabulous  boogie track. Matter of fact, if you would,please treat yourself to some dub.

Courtesy of Gazeebo and Editorial.

Erotic Audio

V 44, PM

There’s a brand new beat outhere for me, and I gotta feel it.

Late may erotic illusions, courtesy of Touchsoul.

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For Disco Play Only #8

V 55, PM

Now, if you’re into this wonderful thing called disco music, you’ll definitely wanna hear this.

“This night is mine, you’ve gotta stay, I’m gonna be right, don’t you make me wait…”

Mad love from the land down under!

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The Revenge // RBMA Train Wreck Mix

V 54, PM

Right fellaz, holiday break is over, so let’s get back to the academy.

This time, prof. Graeme Clark will do the preaching, and you will do the digging.

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Livraison Speciale // Lucas & Emap @ Tralala

V 41, PM

The prodigal has returned. Not to stay, but to play alongside Emap.

Tralala club on thursday, and one night before it’s OTA’s place for some soup.

Will you show up?