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Bedmo Disco Presents!

V 56, AM

Christmas time is almost near, fellas!

I’m going to Belgrade to a Disco not Disco X’mas party, cuz some of my Poor Relatives are gonna be there, along with Dj Trole and I sure don’t want to miss that boat party!

Now, let’s get back to the reason of this post right here.


Bedmo Disco made my day, so let me make yours.

Eight tracks that are rare, unreleased and exclusive re-edits from the Bedmo Disco guys plus a mix await you right here.

Oh, and here’s a preview:

1. Bedmo Disco – Money Crazy [Bedmo Disco Extension]
2. FLX ONE – No Corner Love
3. Rocco Raimundo – Rocco’s Ramjet
4. Jimmy The Twin – Twilight [Jimmy The Twin’s 505 Rework]
5. Cosmic Boogie – Let’s Jam
6.  Bedmo Disco – Kongas
7. FLX ONE – Inch Perfect
8. Bedmo Disco – Hammered
9. Bedmo Disco – Pardon My Bedmo (bonus minimix)


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