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Kate Bush- Running Up That Hill (Ashley Beedle Re-Edit)

V 41, PM

Here’s one lady (that you all know) that knows what she’s facing. Oh, and Ashley helps with this magnificent edit, too.

Running up that hill

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  1. Lawrence Wilson permalink
    V 19, PM 1:19 pm

    Kate Bush, I always thought, was one of the most beautiful women in the world. She was the Lady Gaga of her day, perhaps with more sophisticated musical content. I collected all her albums up to and including ‘Aerial’ the last double album.
    Kate Bush is, by far, the best female singer/song writer the UK has ever produced. Her songs, although too complicated for some, were above the day to day ‘Pop’ music. If I had to bracket the work of Kate Bush I would say ‘Classical Pop’ ‘Operatic Pop’ or ‘Just Genius’. Does it matter? Just listen and enjoy.

  2. brian permalink
    V 45, PM 11:45 pm

    My favourite KB song in which she wants to do a deal with God, well the deal I wanted didn’t happen either she married somebody else. Still gorgeous into her fifties but more importantly, still hugely talented. Her stage act was spell-binding and her pronunciation of words with an ‘r’ in absolutely captivating. Wrunning up that hill…..

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