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DJ Luuso spinning so fine for EPMEO

V 30, PM

I`ve been savin on this piece couple years now, thought it would be a shame not postin it because i requested a smooth rappin one from him to school them headz (romeinian pipal)  give it up for this party starter, still 80`s , props to Dj Luuso (Turku, Finland) !

– guaranteed to school ya

no playlist-

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  1. Phil Cocks permalink*
    V 26, PM 4:26 pm

    Mega props. Now, this is proper EPMEO! Dig or die!

  2. V 56, PM 12:56 pm

    Groovy. Much love. Tracklist would be ❤

    • Fresh the Diski Jukka permalink
      V 07, PM 3:07 pm

      Luuso said no playlist for you to go mad diggin :).. anyway if you still want to find out specific tracks from that mix i could give a bit of help as well

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