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Rolfski – Best of Deep Disco vol.1

V 29, PM

How about them gurls, ei? Hit the decks for the mix & the playlist.


1. Claudia Barry – Love 4 The Sake of Love (Crisco Dancing Edit) Rolfski radio break

2. Gerrie van Noord – White Room (BB Edit) Rolfski short edit

3. MikeBurns – Everybody’s Mantra (Rolfski 7” version)

4. Dam Funk – Let’s take off (far away) Rolfski short snap

5. Was Not Was – What Up Dog (snigger Re-edit) Rolfski deep re-edit

6. Trussel – I Love It (Wayward’s More Love edit) Rolfski beats edit

7. Michael Jackson – Get it together (Regrooved by Umbo) Rolfski fx version

8. Funk Machine – Dance On The Groove And To The Funk (MotionXL Refix) Rolfski long instrumental

9. Dexter – Wansel Disco Lights (Rolfski remix)

10. Social Disco Club – The Way You Move (Greg Wilson version) Rolfski short acapella

11. Arpadys – All The Bass (Phoreski Mix) Rolfski single version

12. Gaznevada – I.C.Love affair (Rolfski re-edit)

13. Rawsugar – Supreme (Rolfski cut-it-short edit)

14. Asso – Don’t Stop (Hawk re-edit) Rolfski re-cut

15. Rawsugar – I just

16. Easy Going – Do It Again (Re-Edit) Rolfski beats edit

17. Jay Todd – Get Home… Rolfski break version

18. Herbie Hancock – Motormouth (Funkbubble Edit) Rolfski short edit

19. Prince and The Revolution – Anotherloverholeyohead (Anothereditholeinyohead) Rolfski deep disco edit

20. Casual Mike – “Mikes Thing”

21. Munich Machine – Space Warrior (MAU’s MoustacheMix) Rolfski space edit

22. Dennis Parker – Like an Eagle (The Noodleman’s deep edit)

23. We Are Monsters – Ma Quale Idea [WAM Rmx] Rolfski instrumental edit

24. Crazy P – Stop Space Return (Hot Toddy Mix) Rolfski radio version

25. Nightlife Unlimited Tell Me (…That You Loft Me Edit) Rolfski funk edit

26. The bar kays – She Talks to Me with Her Body – (Cosmic Boogie’s Over Produced Edit) Rolfski instrumental

27. Nicbalz- Can’t Be Beat Rolfski summary re-edit

28. Shriekback – My Spine (Is The Bassline) (Hashzilla’s Second Brain In His Spine Resuscitation Edit) Rolfski bassline edit

29. Ashford & Simpson – Don’t Cost You Nothing (Leftside Wobble Edit) Rolfski beats & fx re-edit

30. zvukbroda – Trehkfd (Rolfski ultra short version)

31. Luke Vibert – Disco nasty (Rolfski fade to grey edit)

32. Papermusic – Downtime (Rolfski long breaks edit)

33. Giorgio Moroder – First hand experience in second hand love (Rolfski space re-edit)

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Robbert permalink
    V 54, PM 11:54 pm

    Who is this guy? This mix is awesome, way beyond the average dj mix! Certainly went a lot of effort into that. Nice find, thks for sharing this.

    • Phil Cocks permalink*
      V 19, AM 1:19 am

      And there’s some more on his soundcloud page.

  2. Robbert permalink
    V 40, AM 8:40 am

    All these tracks d-loadable for free in 320 KB and way, way more brilliant stuf to be found in his Deep Disco group! Why oh why didn’t I know this before?
    Thx guys! Gonna fill up my disco collection this weekend 🙂

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