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Ivan Neville – Dance your blues away

V 31, AM

Even your mother would like you to DANCE

so dance your problems away. Acum !

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  1. V 00, PM 10:00 pm

    This is a great, rare 45, which is actually by the Neville Brothers, even though it gets credited to Ivan outside the USA. (the confusion comes from the fact that there is no artist name printed on the 45 itself.)

    You can see a reproduction of the EXTREMELY rare company sleeve for the 45 at

    I have no idea how many of those sleeves were made, but I have only seen two in all my years of researching the Nevilles. That sleeve is the only indication who the artist on the record is!

    On December 6, 2005, I posted a comment on the message board of Ivan’s Official website, asking him to clarify the credits on that single: “What a blast from the past…’Dance Your Blues Away’ bw/’Sweet Honey Dripper’ is definitely a Neville Bros. record….I wrote ‘Dance Your Blues Away’ along w/ Reggie Cummings( my padna ) & Art wrote ‘Sweet Honey Dripper’… on ‘Dance’ I share the lead vocals w/ Cyril while Art sings ‘Honey Dripper’… It was a real family project w/ me coming more up front!!!”


    Jon Tyler

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